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Baby Hannah at home 33...
Götz Dolls

Baby Hannah at home 33 cm - Götz Doll

Brand: Götz Dolls. Reference 1520111.
Model stopped.
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Age: 3 + years
Dimensions: 33 cm
Baby Hannah at home - Götz Baby Doll sculpted by artists

Baby Hannah is a limited edition handcrafted doll made with the highest attention to quality requirements. Every Götz handcrafted doll comes with a certificate of athentication and Götz bracelet.

With his blue sleeping eyes, Baby Hannah is a doll that kids will love to look after. Comes with several accessories (sleepin bag, night and day outfit, diaper, comforter, etc.).

Baby Hannah is a doll sculpted by artists.

About Götz Dolls
The German brand Götz Puppenmanufaktur designs dolls since 1950! A real expertise that you will find in the manufacturing quality as well as in the play value of these creations. Dolls made by Götz Puppenmanufaktur are made for play that enhances the development of children. The neutral expression, loving details and accessories as well as ability to pose the doll in natural positions support the role playing of the child. Thus cognitive skills, motor skills, creative abilities and the social behaviour of your child are all optimally developped.
Götz Poupées#Götz Dolls 1520111
Baby Hannah at home 33cm Götz Dolls Götz Babies Puppenmanufaktur manufaktur beautiful girls pink white hats pajamas sleeping bags diapers comforters bracelets limited editions pretend play role imitating blue sleeping eyes
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