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Babibear the...

Babibear the night-light - 30 cm



Reference 37109.
Model stopped.
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Age: from birth
Dimensions: 30 cm
Babibear the night-light - 30cm - babi Corolle

When Mum and Dad close my bedroom door, it's really dark. Sometimes I get a little anxious. But I can easily grab my Babibear soft baby doll and give it a hug. It's so soft that it calms me immediately. Then I can just press on its tummy and a soft night-light comes on for five minutes to give me added reassurance. A series of eight tunes lull me to sleep. No need to ask my parents to come and stop the music as my Babibear soft baby doll stops by itself.
My Babibunny and I are inseparable. Because even if I leave it somewhere, it will be returned to me as it has a label for writing my name or my parents' telephone number Mon doudou Corolle: Friends forever. On a practical level, the battery casing can be removed so that the Babibear soft baby doll can be machine washed using a delicate programme.

Babibear night-light requires 2 AA batteries, not supplied.

About the "babi Corolle" series
Start your love story with Corolle! Smiling, crying, babbling, feeling safe... Babi Corolle is a complete collection of first soft-body dolls for infants with an extra something for baby.
Corolle FBD09
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