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Avo7 Versatile Stunt...
Drôle d'Oiseau

Avo7 Versatile Stunt Kite


Drôle d'Oiseau

Reference 1972.
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Wingspan: 240 cm
Wind: Force 2 to 5 (Beaufort)
Sail: Polyester Icarex PC31 g/m²
Frame: Carbon
Avo7 by Drôle d'Oiseau : a stunt kite with big potential

With its simple lines, the Avo7 is a discrete model. Give it a try and you will see it is a very nice discovery.

Easy to tame, the Avo7 is immediately nice to fly. Its 6mm carbon frame ensures flexibility that beginners will appreciate.

Small precision test: excellent! With a wingspan of 2.40m, the Avo7 remains under pressure and is very smooth. Straight lines, sharp angles, it's happiness! The kite gives a good feeling while remaining rather light in the lines.

Then comes the time to make some tricks... Ouch, that's good! How promising. On the belly, on the back, landing, start again... The Avo7 reveals a real potential that the pilot will use wisely.

Short break for seeing the kite closer: we recognize the Drôle d'Oiseau touch. Reinforced trailing edge, gliss-lines and yoyo stoppers on the leading edges, 10 grams weight... Nothing is missing and it's strong.

Finally, we have a truly remarkable kite at this price level. We would not hesitate to recommend it to fly individually and for pair and team flying. And look at its extra large wind range: 7 to 35 km/h...

The Avo7 is made in France. Kite comes alone: you will need a set of lines and a pair of wrist straps (sold separately).

The frame in details:
• Leading edges 6mm carbon
• Spine 6mm carbon
• Top Cross 6mm carbon
• Lower spreaders Skyshark P3X
Drôle d'Oiseau AVO7ORANGE
Avo7 seven Versatile Stunt Kites sport multi purpose drôle d'oiseaux doiseaux oiseaux pairs teams individual two dual lines tricks freestyle intermediate levels fluor orange
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