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Amigo Dual-line...

Amigo Dual-line Parafoil

Brand: Spiderkites. Reference 10018.
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Amigo - The Dual-line Parafoil Kite for the whole family, by Spiderkites

Sturdy, reactive, easy to fly, the Amigo is a "first price" kite that offers exceptional value for money and instantly provides fun for the whole family. A simple and effective product for occasional users who have a small budget and wish to practice in the most diverse wind conditions.

The Amigo is available in three sizes:
• 1.35m (wingspan 135 cm), surface 0.6 m²: great for all, from 7 to 99
• 1.75m (wingspan 175 cm), surface 0.9 m²: for ages 10 to 99
• 2.05m (wingspan 205 cm), surface 1.5 m²: for ages 14 to 99

The above indications may vary depending on wind conditions.

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Spiderkites 10018
Spiderkites kites Amigo 1.35 1,35 135cm green Dual lines Parafoils foils speedfoils power kites beginners kids children family easy sturdy
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