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Alice walking buddy -...

Alice walking buddy - Multi-activity Rattle Toy

Brand: Lilliputiens. Reference 86852.
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Age: 6 + months
Dimensions: 18 x 28 x 10 cm
Alice walking buddy - Multi-activity Rattle Toy - Lilliputiens soft toys for babies and toddlers

Alice accompanies you whenever you take a stroll. Attach her to the handles of the pushchair or baby-seat and hold her against you. Thanks to her sweet and fun activities, she is a treat for your senses: a rabbit mirror, a super soft owl, a squeaking butterfly and other surprises too! With her, you'll get to where you're going in no time.

About the Lilliputiens Collection
Each piece in the Lilliputiens Collection has been carefully crafted to entertain and develop your little one, transforming play sessions with Lilliputiens into educational and joyful moments. With their vibrant colors, premium fabrics and gorgeous artwork, Lilliputiens creations are dynamic and stylish gifts for all the little darlings of your life.
Lilliputiens 86852
Alice walking buddy Multi-activity activity activities Rattles Toys grabbing soft first lilliputiens foxes red orange vixens animals toddlers
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