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ADXs Standard - Freestyle Stunt Kite


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Wingspan: 220 cm
Wind: Force 2 to 4 (Beaufort)
Sail: Polyester Icarex PC31 g/m², Mylar
Bridle: 3 points
Frame: Skyshark
Conception and design: André Boulet

The ADXs is a great freestyle kite: it allows to perform tricks in a very clean way and with great ease. This means it is a perfect kite for "advanced" kite flyers but also for "beginners" that wish to work and improve their freestyle flying skills.

One great point of ADXs is its XXL wind range: with this kite, you can "really" make freestyle in low winds (as soon as 7km/h) and in stronger conditions (up to 30km/h).

If you want to fly within super low wind conditions, choose a UL version (ref. 31202) or a SUL one (ref. 31203).

One word about precision flying: even if the ADXs was not designed with precision in mind and despite its "small" size (220cm), it is doing pretty well if you have a gentle gesture.

Finally, note that the ADXs comes with an ultra-full equipment: APA connectors, yoyo block, removable ballast, velcro strap for storage in a beautiful bag made of sturdy fabric (Cordura-like).

We say "bravo" to its designer André, also known as "Mister Yofade", an experienced kite flyer who invented several freestyle tricks (including Yofade) : he spent a lot of time developing this great kite.

The ADXs is available in several versions:

• Lower Leading Edge: Skyshark P300
• Upper Leading Edge: Skyshark P300
• Spine: Skyshark P300
• Spreaders: Skyshark 5PT
• Fabric: Icarex + Mylar + Dacron
• Bridle: 3 points
• Wind Range: 7 to 30 km/h

• Lower Leading Edge: Skyshark P200
• Upper Leading Edge: Skyshark P200
• Spine: Skyshark P200
• Spreaders: Skyshark 3PT
• Fabric: Icarex + Mylar + Dacron
• Bridle: 3 points
• Wind range: 5 to 20 km/h

• Lower Leading Edge: Skyshark 2PT
• Upper Leading Edge: Skyshark 2PT
• Spine: Skyshark P90
• Spreaders: Skyshark 3PT
• Fabric: Icarex + Mylar + Dacron
• Bridle: 3 points
• Wind range : 2 to 15 km/h

This sport kite is made ​​in France. Like all kites by Air-One Kites, this kite is numbered (number printed on leading edge).

Lines and straps sold separately.
Air-One Kites ADXSTD
ADXs Standard Freestyle Stunt Kites André Boulet Mister Yofade Air-One-Kites One Kites dual lines sports Laurent Marcy JemJem French make made in France royal blue
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