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4LS - Quad-line Stunt...

4LS - Quad-line Stunt Kite

Brand: Souris. Reference 562503.
Model stopped.
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Wingspan: 240 cm
Wind: Force 1 to 4 (Beaufort)
Sail: Polyester Icarex PC31 g/m²
4LS: the accomplished quad line stunt kite

In the category of quad line kites, the 4LS offers great flying qualities as well as ultra accomplished finishes.

Made in France, this quad-line kite features high-end materials:
- Icarex fabric
- "Carbon 365" leading edge
- "PX Series Sky Shark™ Carbon" verticals
- FSD nocks

Manufacturing details speak for themselves:
- doubled trailing edge, glued and sewn (stronger, stiffer)
- multiple Dacron reinforcements
- super finish of trailing edge tips

The result is a success aesthetically and the kite is clearly designed to last long.

The 4LS comes with a simple turbo bridle which provides an excellent distribution of pulses between the center and the sides of the kite, for optimum control that the pilot will greatly appreciate.

We can say that the 4LS now ranks among the best quad-line models on the market.

Kite only: you will need a pair of handles and a line set (accessories sold separately).

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Souris 4LS-VERT
4LS Quadlines Stunt Kites souris four lines David Hilbert flat high ends sport performance made in France French make green
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