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1,2,3 Hex herbei! A...

1,2,3 Hex herbei! A game of observation and speed

Brand: Haba. Reference 9302763.
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Age: 5 + years
Dimensions: box 34,5 x 34,5 x 9 cm
Author: Marco Teubner, Frank Bebenroth
Illustrator: Andreas Besser
Players: 2-4 players aged 5 to 99
Duration of play: approx. 10 minutes
Contents: 1 game board (8 jigsaw puzzle pieces), 4 magic balls, 4 sorcerer's apprentices, 4 ball trays, 4 sheets with 34 clue tiles each, 1 set of instructions.

1,2,3 Hex herbei! A game of observation and speed - HABA Games

The young sorcerer's apprentices have to set forth alone through the dark enchanted forest for their big test. Fortunately clues about the right path appear in the magic ball. But beware: The sorcerer's apprentices have to be quick and look very closely, because the player who can conjure up the clues will move ahead one step closer to their destination. The player who first finds the path to the sorcerer's secret room is the quickest to pass the sorcerer's exam.

• includes 4 bewitched look closely magic balls
• captivating from the get-go
• competitive game where everyone plays at the same time
Haba 302763
one two three Hex herbei! A games of observation and speed kids boards children family families magicians wizards crystal balls Marco Teubner Frank Bebenroth Andreas Besser haba Halloween
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