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Petals and Pistils...

Petals and Pistils purple Design by Flip Flop Design

Brand: Djeco. Reference 119431.
Model stopped.
Age: 6 + years
Dimensions: box 12 x 14 x 3,5 cm
Design: Flip Flop Design
Contents: 1 hexagonal box (12x12 cm), 18 stackable shapes, 1 double-sided sticker board, 1 explanatory colour booklet.

A great activity for 6-12 years:
- a playful way to combine and create using lots of patterns ;
- lots of pre-shaped petals and pistils ;
- adds a flowery touch anywhere: tables, school books, walls, fridges, etc. a pretty box to keep!

"Girls' delight" is a massive range of creative ideas just for girls: gift boxes that will melt the hearts of girls of all ages, a selection of fun activities, and creations they will be really proud to have made.
Djeco DJ09431
Petals and Pistils purple Design by Flip Flop Design girls delight creative activities kits decorations papers creations flowers
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