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Gloobz - Game of...

Gloobz - Game of Observation and Quick thinking

Brand: Gigamic. Reference 501.
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Age: 6 + years
Dimensions: box 20 x 14,5 x 7 cm
Author: Alexandre Droit
Illustrations: Maxim Cyr
Players: 2 to 6 players aged 6 and above
Duration of play: 20 minutes
Contents: 56 Gloobz cards, 3 Gloobz, 3 paint pots, 1 Mégagloobz, 6 score trackers, rules of the game (multilingual).

Gloobz: catch them all!!!

Gloobz are adorable creatures, but they wreak havoc everywhere they go: catch them quick!

According to what the current player says, catch the figurines whose shape or colour appear the most or the least on the current card. Each correct figurine caught will score you 1 point but you will be penalised if you make a mistake. Special cards are added to this cheerful confusion.

You need to be quick-witted and fast-acting to catch these funny creatures before your opponents!

• fun material
• promotes quick thinking
• hectic atmosphere
Gigamic GFGL
Gloobz Games of Observation and Quick thinking Alexandre Droit Maxim Cyr Globz ambiance
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